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What if I told you that at least 80% of the players in the Top 100 never spent any money for FIFA Points but still got players like Gullit, Ronaldo and Messi? It is time to find out more about the best-kept secret of FIFA Ultimate Team. We are not only showing you how it works, but you will also be able to use the FIFA 22 coin generator by yourself. Only for a limited time. It works for the Xbox, PlayStation, PC and other platforms!

Important: Don’t share this website with your friends. Don’t mention it on YouTube, Twitch or other websites. Keep it as a secret!


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Stop wasting your money for FUT Points

Have you noticed it already? Every year you are in the exact same position. All of your coins and players are gone. You have to start from the very beginning. Some people consider it “fair”, but we are considering it a huge scam. Why? Because all the money you have “invested” in the past year is gone. In the end, you got nothing out of it. Not even this, now they want you to start spending your real money for FIFA Points again.

There are many gamers from all over the world which are spending thousands of dollars just for FIFA Points. Even if you open 100 FUT packs there is absolutely no guarantee you will get outstanding players like FUT Icons or other superstars like Ronaldo or Mbappe. In fact, the chance you will get one of those players is extraordinarily low. You probably know it already, but you will mostly get consumable objects such as player contracts, fitness, positions, managers or other cards. Some of them are even marked as “rare”, which is absolutely ridiculous.


The best-kept secret of FIFA Ultimate Team

What do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to winning matches on FUT? Skills? Luck? No. The most important is your team. Your chance to win matches is much higher if you have players like Gullit, Ronaldo, Pele or Maradona in your team.

We have tried it ourselves. First we had a team with an overall rating of 82-85 and we won around 13 matches per weekend. After we used the FIFA 22 hack, got free coins and points we bought 11 awesome players, most of them FUT Icons and started participating in the FUT Champions Cup again. Do you know what happened? We won 25 matches. We didn’t practice, we didn’t prepare, nothing like that. The only difference was the team we played with. Our friends and other users of the FIFA 22 coin generator made the exact same experience. Suddenly they won way more matches than before.

In our opinion this has a clear purpose. Once you figured out how easy the game becomes when you got players like Pele, Ronaldo and Maradona, you will invest even more money and time into the game.

Getting those players is difficult and you will need to spend a lot of time and money for it. However, there is another method on how to get them. You can simply use the FIFA 22 coins hack and generate free FUT points and coins. After this you can do whatever you would like to do. Spend them on packs or players, the choice is yours!

Most of the famous YouTubers and streamers on Twitch are using the FIFA 22 coin generator, but they will never make it public. First of all, it would ruin their reputation and secondly people would mass report them and they would probably get banned on FUT 22. This is the reason why it is a secret. Nobody talks about it. Nobody is admitting it, but everyone within the Top 100 of the FUT Champions Cup knows about it.


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How to get free FIFA 22 coins and points

If you think tools like the FUT 22 hack are fake or not existing you were probably sleeping the past 10 years. Every single year there were cheats and hacks for Ultimate Team and other games like FIFA Mobile. Just because you never heard of them or used them before, it doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist. They do exist and they are working perfectly well.

Using the FIFA 22 coin generator is quite easy. Nobody is asking for private information such as your password or security question. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how old you are. Simply use the hack below, enter your username and how many free points and coins you want to receive. A few more clicks on the button and you will get all the items within two minutes!

Don’t worry, we don’t hack the game or your account! We simply change a few values inside the database of the game. There are several loopholes, glitches and bugs, which make it possible to change certain values such as the amount of points and coins you got in your team.


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Here are the main features of the FIFA 22 cheats for Ultimate Team:

  • Get free FIFA 22 coins and points
  • Open unlimited FUT packs
  • Get any player you want in the game
  • Double your chance of winning matches in Division Rivals and the FUT Champions Cup
  • You don’t need to download any files
  • No one asks for your passwords or security questions
  • There is absolutely no risk for you of getting banned
  • We update the FUT Generator daily
  • It works for the FUT Companion on iOS and Android
  • It works for the FUT Web App on Easports.com
  • You can use it for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC


Avoid getting banned

We can guarantee one thing: Other gamers will be extremely jealous and probably hate on you for using the FIFA 22 hack. They have a good reason, because they probably spend a lot of real money for Points and all they got out of the packs were average players and consumable objects. Let us be honest: Everyone wants free FIFA 22 coins and points, but only a handful people are able to get them. If you are reading this right now, you are one of them and you belong to a very small group of people. However, we highly recommend you not to talk about the FIFA 22 coins hack publicly. In the worst case they are reporting you to EA and get your account banned.

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Use the FIFA 22 coins hack


In the end it is your choice whether you are using the FIFA 22 hack for Ultimate Team or not. Do you want to keep spending your money for the game even tho you will lose all players and coins next year anyway? We doubt it. It is time for you to escape this ridiculous cycle and become fully independent. Get yourself free FIFA 22 coins and points, open as many packs as you want and get the best possible players. Never feel frustrated again!